Lemon verbena


Aloysia triphylla


Lemongrass Verbena is a woody shrub with bright green leaves. It produces small white flowers. It is an ideal plant for potted cultivation. It has a strong lemon scent.


Place the plant in a sunny place. Because lemon verbena is a demanding plant, fertilize using a liquid fertilizer for general use about every two weeks. Lemon verbena roots are easy to move and plants grow quickly. An occasional size or a frequent harvest is necessary for your Verbena to retain a beautiful shape. As the plant grows older, it develops a woody stem and the quality of the foliage can begin to decline. Because the root cuttings are easy, it is suggested to get rid of the old plants. The new plants will provide better foliage, often have a better appearance and will be more vigorous.


Collect the leaves as needed. The leaves are used fresh or can be dried and stored in closed containers for future use.


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