The best plants for aquaponics


What plants can be grown in aquaponia?

Although most plants thrive well in an aquaponic system, there are species that grow exceptionally well in an aquaponic system. You will need to decide which type of plant is best for you. For example, there is no point in growing tomato plants if you don’t really like them or if there isn’t a sufficiently profitable market nearby.

The truth is that an aquaponic system can grow almost any type of plant: vegetables, fruit plants, grasses, flowering plants or micro-green. You can set up different systems to grow a range of different plants. But you can also focus on the most effective vegetables or herbs in aquaponics.

The best vegetables for Aquaponics


The tomato does exceptionally well in an aquaponic system. It will be easier for you to control the temperature and even the amount of sunlight plants receive. However, it should be noted that tomato plants tend to attract pests that may be exceptionally difficult to remove.


Lettuce grown in aquaponia is actually one of the most productive leafy vegetables in aquaponia. Lettuce grows well in water whose temperature is in the comfort zone for tilapia.

All you have to do is decide whether to start planting in the aquaponic system or in the ground. Of course, if sowing is done in a traditional growing tank, you will need to wash the roots before introducing them into the aquaponic system.

However, this can be beneficial to prevent seed loss in your growing media. Lettuce is an excellent aquaponic crop for beginners.

Watercress of fountain

This vegetable is one of the best plants for aquaponics because it grows very fast. You can plant a very small amount that will multiply at an amazing rate.

However, you should consider whether it is appropriate to plant this vegetable. You can only eat a limited amount of watercress when its ability to multiply can potentially cause problems by clogging the culture bed and even with the water circulation system.


Peppers can be extremely difficult to grow conventionally in the soil due to their high water and sunshine requirements.

It makes sense to grow them in a small aquaponic system. You will be able to monitor the temperature of your facility and ensure that nutrient levels in your water are optimized.

It should be noted that peppers do not work well in a raft system. On the other hand, they thrive exceptionally well in a substrate bed


Cucumbers are water-hungry plants. An aquaponic system therefore gives him everything he needs to thrive, not just to survive.

Cucumbers tend to have large root systems; you will need to monitor the roots to make sure they do not invade and block the water circulation system.

They are very effective at capturing nitrogen, which can deprive other plants in your system. For this reason, it is advisable to leave a space of 30 to 60 cm between your plants and avoid overplanting.


Cauliflowers are very resistant and require very little maintenance. They are generally resistant to insects and diseases, making them one of the best plants for aquaponics if you are a beginner.

Cauliflower have a cycle of about 12 weeks. He doesn’t like direct sunlight. To avoid damaging it, it is preferable to cover its head with its own leaves


Cabbage is a staple food in many countries around the world. It is also one of the best plants for aquaponics.

In general, this culture requires very little maintenance. You will have to be careful with the usual pests: aphids, fungal diseases and black rot.

Cabbage can be ready to be harvested from 9 weeks of age.


These small red fruits can be eaten all year round. (Technically, a strawberry is not a fruit, vegetable or berry, but that’s another story.) It is actually an excellent aquaponic plant to grow in your system. Thanks to the constant supply of nutrient-rich water and the ability to control their environment, strawberries can be harvested all year round.

Most strawberries only produce a few strawberries; if you want to sell them, you need to have a lot of plants for them.

The good news is that each plant needs very little space and you can use the floating raft system, tubes or even baskets. Strawberries require very little maintenance to flower, which makes them an excellent plant for new users.


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