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frigo sans electricite

Cold room without electricity

Practical Action Nepal has developed cold technology especially in the direction of rural areas. This technology is called Naya Cellar Storage. It was originally conceived by Dr. Gyan Shresthra of the Green Energy Mission...

From agricultural waste to aquaculture

Bioconversion consists of transforming one organic substance into another through natural processes. The research programme on Bioconversion, led by the IRD and its Indonesian partners, consists in valuing the byproducts from the oil palm industry...
verger permaculture

An orchard in permaculture

Miracle farms are a commercial orchard. In this ecosystem located in the municipality of St-Ahmad (Quebec), trees, birds, bees, poultry and various livestock work together to fertilize, pollinate and produce more than 100 varieties...

Understanding decoupled Aquaponics

The aquaponics was conceived as a system in which the production of fish is coupled with the production of plants. These are basically small systems that use this simple principle to set up and...
porte de serre auto fabriquée

Building a greenhouse Door

The door model created is lightweight, solid and simple. It can be built quickly and easily with a few portable power tools. But nothing prevents you from doing the same thing by hand and...

What’s the aquaponics?

Contraction of the words "aquaculture" (fish farming) and "hydroponics" (cultivation of plants above ground) aquaponics is the symbiosis between plants, fish and bacteria. To make a brief, it is a natural mini eco-system in...