SRI Technical Manual


The Intensive Rice System or IRS is an agro-ecological and climate-smart method that allows farmers to produce more cereals using less seed and water, and fewer purchased inputs. Unlike other agricultural strategies, SRI does not rely on infrastructure projects, new varieties or fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides to increase yields. Rather, SRI is a knowledge-based approach to crop management that leads to improved plant growth and productivity. As part of the West African Agricultural Productivity Programme1 (WAAPP) Intensive Rice System Improvement and Scaling in West Africa Project,2 this technical manual is designed to assist technical trainers in the 13 participating countries in the development of their farmer training programmes, and is a living document that will be amended and adapted based on feedback from training, testing and field results. For those who use this manual, we are looking forward to your comments to make this document as useful as possible to as wide an audience as possible across West Africa.



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