Nematode control, the advantage of trap plants


The article discusses root gall nematodes, in vegetable rotations, resistant crops and non-hosted plants, as real nematode traps, to rescue direct means of control.
The article recalls the biology of these fearsome crop bio-aggressors around the world and in particular market gardening, the type of damage and their economic importance. He mentioned the difficulties of direct control, due to restrictions on chemical nematicides and the limits of each alternative means taken in isolation (steam disinfection or solarization, biological control using auxiliaries or nematicides from plants).
He cites successful or promising research on the use of live plants in vegetable rotations, which are either non-hosted or poor hosts or resistant varieties or rootstocks of host species.
It is up to you to contact the services of the Ministry of Agriculture to find out about the varieties of nematodes present in the soil of your country.
la lutte biologique contreles Nématodes phytoparasites



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