IBC tanks in aquaponia


At the heart of the system is a 2000-litre ready-to-use tank. From there, the water is pumped to several different areas using a sequencing valve.

If you are not sure what a sequencing valve is, try searching online for more information. It is a distribution valve that has one inlet channel (of your pump) and several outlet channels depending on the model you have purchased. Suppose you have a 4-way valve, an inlet and four outlets. When you turn on the pump, the water flows into channel 1, then when you turn the pump off and on again, it stops leaving channel 1 and exits through channel 2, then when you turn it off and on again, the water flows through channel 3. Then track 4 and back to track 1.

This type of device allows multiple culture beds to be installed and by turning the pump off and on again, allows multiple culture beds to be watered sequentially rather than all at once. Of course, a timer or similar device is used to turn the pump on and off continuously.

In the first zone (track 1), water is pumped into two complete IBCs (1000l white tank) that act as very deep culture beds, filled with gravel. These culture beds flow directly into the 2000L aquarium. In the second zone (track 2), water is pumped into 4 blue drums filled with gravel and planted with fruit trees and a 500L cultivation bed that also flows into the basin.

Another IBC is used as an additional elevated aquarium. The water from this elevated tank flows into the 2000-litre tank every time the pump is switched on. As you can see from the plans, this system will get even better over time. Currently, a third zone is planned with 1 additional full IBC and 4 blue barrels filled with gravel.


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