How to find customers who will enhance the value of your products

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« I hate selling because I don’t feel understood. I appreciate and use what I sell, but I can’t find customers who appreciate my products. »
If you think like that, rest assured, you are not alone.
I am often asked this question: « How do I find people who will appreciate and value my products? »
Although I would like to be able to tell you: « there is a group of people who live 10 minutes from here, they value quality food and are happy to pay your prices, all you have to do is…[FILL THE WHITE] ». I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this group doesn’t exist!
And if it existed, I’d be the first to tell you where to find it.
I can’t give you the name of a Facebook group, a company or a local organization that parks people who want to pay high prices for the quality products on your farm.
That’s not how it works.
But what I can tell you is that if you want customers to appreciate what you sell, you have to show them the value.
You want to know how? Keep reading.

1. Show the benefits

You have a quality product, but no one sees the value of it as you do. It is our job to show customers how much our product benefits them.
Showing the benefits answers the question in your client’s mind: « What’s in it for me? »
How to show value to your customers?

  • Videos (quality) that you send to your customers by e-mail
  • Visits to your farm
  • Teaching in class, intervention in associations….
  • Meetings with customers
  • Share how people use your products

What makes most farmers (yes, you) believe that their product has value is NOT what makes your customers believe that it has value.
You appreciate your soil conservation system, your special blend of organic food or your improved local breeds of animals and you are frustrated because your customers do not value these things.
Keep your values, of course, be proud of yourself and your products, but it is not these values that will help you market your products.
You will market your products according to your customers’ values.
Does that make sense to you? It is not your values that will attract a group of people who appreciate your products – it is the values of the customers you communicate with that will attract loyal customers.
You inform your customers (and potential customers) about the BENEFITS of buying your products by communicating what your customers have told you they appreciate:

  •  Do you want to protect your children’s health by protecting them from phyto-sanitary residues on the vegetables they eat ?
  •  Do you want to eat products that taste great ?
  •  Do you want to participate, through your purchases, in the development of sustainable agriculture ?

Your customers will buy you over and over again because you will have shown them the benefits of your products based on their values. They buy, experience the benefits in their lives, become lifelong customers and tell their friends about you.

2. Educate

Customers do not see the value of organic chickens, milk from cows or fresh farm eggs unless they read, research and educate themselves. This information is not taught in school, it was not implanted in their heads at birth.
Food is a commodity and unless they suffer from a disease, try to lose weight, look for cleaner, chemical-free food, they will not see the point.
People educate themselves when they are suffering or have a problem and seek a solution.
Information that seems second nature to you is new to someone else.
It is up to you to show them what makes your products different. And by different, I don’t mean »….. our chickens roam in the fields every day »
By different, I could say: « Our chickens do not decrease by half during cooking because they are not fat, they taste like chicken… ».
Educate your customers and they will see the value of what you sell. In the example above:

  • Your customers buy more meat and less fat (harmful to their health),
  • Your customers eat tasty meat instead of something tasteless,
  • With their chicken, your customers will not swallow any more drug residues….

3. Consistent communication

You must remain in constant communication with your customers by e-mail.
Why e-mail?
I hear a lot of people say, « The email is dead. Millennia don’t open e-mails. « Everyone is busy and the inboxes are full. That is a fact. BUT if you give people a reason to open your emails, they will open them.
There is still no better way to reach your customers.

  • Talk to them about your products by e-mail.
  • Sell your products by email ONLY.
  • Offer something EXCLUSIVE to your newsletter subscribers.
  • Thank your subscribers by email by offering them, for example, a bouquet of flowers during the holidays or a bouquet of aromatic herbs.
  • Let them taste your new products

Write a blog post and share the link by email.
Train them to open your quality (non-commercial) emails and they will. Regardless of their age or the form of communication they « prefer ».
Social media is not a place to sell or communicate directly with a sufficient number of your ideal customers. If your customers want your organic chicken or chocolate mint (yes, it exists!) they have to open your emails.
I have given my customers a reason to open the email or they will miss it the right deal. And, no one likes the idea of missing an opportunity.
Email works when you provide valuable content that people want to know about.


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