How to create a strong call to action in your marketing

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Every week, I receive many marketing emails, blog and social media comments and they are super informative, I know everything about the new products. And unfortunately, that’s often where it ends. They forget (or are afraid) to tell their readers to act!
When you send a friendly email and forget to say clearly and boldly, « click here to buy » or « click here to book your ________ » or « please forward this message to your friend », you lose connections and leave money on the table!

What is a call to action?

A « call to action » is an important part of your marketing, whether it is at the bottom of an e_mail, blog or social media article, it is important to tell people how you want them to act. Every time.
Reluctant to ask for action because you feel insistent or authoritarian and uncomfortable.
You offer a service to people when you give them a call to action, they are grateful that you have told them how they can get their hands on this great product you just spoke about with enthusiasm, or enroll in a course that will transform their lives.

Why are calls to action so important?

Because you want and need customers to buy your products!
If you don’t ask them to act, they may never do it. This is called a prowler or someone who watches, but never comments or acts.
Tell people what they need to do and if you have the kind of relationship I suggest you have, they will be more likely to do what you ask them to do.
And these are not just sales calls to action – you can also propose a call to action to transmit and share your information to build your customer base.
Try these high conversion rate calls to action

  • Buy now!
  • Sign up now!
  • Buy here
  • Click here to make a reservation

And here are some calls to action for the end of e-mail or blog posts where you are not selling, but where you are building relationships:

  • Send to your friends
  • Sign up now!
  • Get a free sample!
  • Download my FREE recipe!
  • Share this recipe on Facebook
  • Press « Answer » and tell me _______.
  • Comment and tell me what you prefer ________

These calls to action will encourage customers to BUY your products, come to your operation or engage with you (which will build trust and generate sales).
Now, I’d like you to take action:
Which call to action are you going to try first?
Is there one you like better than the others?


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