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La solarisation des terres agricoles

Définition et rôle dans la réduction des produits phytosanitaires La solarisation est une technique de désinfection thermique du sol utilisant l’énergie solaire. Elle consiste à élever la température du sol à l’aide d’un film plastique...

Crop Diversity

Integrate legumes into field cropping systems Intercropping Intercropping entails growing two or more crops simultaneously, in the same field. Intercropping may be the best approach for areas with short rainy seasons. Spatial arrangement of the crops...
carences nutriments nutrient deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies

The basis of plant health comes from the soil in which they grow. Their nutrition is essential to their health and to their durability, so it is essential that the plants get all the...

Alternatives to fish in aquaponics

There are many alternatives to aquaponics fish farming. The principle remains the same, but these methods are still at the experimental stage. Nevertheless, many people are successfully using them on a small scale. Any animal...
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 How to find customers who will enhance the value of your products

"I hate selling because I don't feel understood. I appreciate and use what I sell, but I can't find customers who appreciate my products. » If you think like that, rest assured, you are not...
production intégrée des cultures afrique

 Guide to integrated crop production in tropical areas

Producers must be aware of the new expectations of consumers. They must constantly evolve their practices to meet current challenges: to practice a productive, quality and environmentally friendly agriculture. This guide proposes technical solutions adapted...
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 Management of high heat under shelter

- Aeration: it is the renewal of warm indoor air by cooler outdoor air. Ventilation can be static or dynamic. This is the simplest and most economical way, but the indoor temperature will not...

Aquaponics Swirl Filter

The Swirl Filter, also known as a solids filter, is commonly used in aquaculture facilities. It is also widely used in aquaponics systems to help remove fine particles produced by fish waste. This is...

Cultivation of new potatoes

Cultivation of new potatoes with staggered harvest Mounding is a proven method of growing potatoes. But if you grow only a few potatoes, or if you like "new" potatoes, this simple method is worth a...
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Introducing a few seeds to germinate

In alphabetical order, to get an idea of the size of the seeds, the number of seeds per gram is indicated (GR/g) Alfalfa or alfalfa: small yellow or brown round seed. (300 gr/g). Alfalfa is...