chives ciboulette
Parsley persil


 Petroselinum crispum Description Parsley is a robust biennial plant but cultivated and treated as an annual. It is the most widely grown plant for garnishing and flavouring. There are two distinct types of parsley: curly and...
Drying Herbs sechage plantes aromatiques

 Conservation of aromatic herbs

Harvesting aromatic herbs Aromatic herbs should be harvested when the oils responsible for their flavour and aroma are at their highest level. The right time depends on the part of the plant you are harvesting...
chives ciboulette


Allium Schoenoprasum Description Chives belong to the same family as onion, leek and garlic. It is a perennial, drought-resistant plant reaching about 20-25 cm in height. It grows in clumps from underground bulbs and...
systeme aquaponique

Duration of germination of vegetable seeds by soil temperature

What you're going to read is perhaps the most valuable gardening instruction that has ever been offered to you. When to sow On each pack of seeds you buy is on the back 4 or...
Winter Savory sariette hiver

 Winter Savory

  Description The winter savory reaches a height of about 60 cm and its foliage is dark green and bright. Its shape and texture are much more rigid than those of the summer savory and its...
culture mais haricot

Spacing of plants in intensive gardening

Some vegetable plants are more tolerant than others at high planting densities. Root vegetables such as carrots, radishes, beets, celery... Leafy vegetables, such as spinach, celery, salads can be planted in a drue way, but fruit vegetables need space to mature.
fertilisant naturel bio permaculture afrique

 Understanding fertilizers – How and when to feed your garden

The plants in your garden need food like you, it may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people don't bother to feed their plants and wonder why they are not...

Guide to integrated crop production in tropical areas

Producers must be aware of the new expectations of consumers. They must constantly evolve their practices to meet current challenges: to practice a productive, quality and environmentally friendly agriculture. This guide proposes technical solutions adapted...
oregano origan


Origanum vulgare var. Hirtum Description If you wish to plant "real" oregano, it is the Greek oregano that is suitable. Oregano is a aerated plant with a size ranging from 15 to 60...
French Tarragon estragon français

 French Tarragon

Artemisia dracunculus var. sativa Description The French tarragon is a loose and open perennial that can reach 60 to 90 cm in height. The leaves are dark green, narrow and slightly twisted. The plant occasionally produces...