fennel fenouil


Description Il existe deux types de fenouil. L'un est traité comme une herbe (fenouil aux herbes - Foeniculum vulgare ) et l'autre comme un légume de type bulbe (fenouil à la floraison...

Lemon verbena

Aloysia triphylla Description Lemongrass Verbena is a woody shrub with bright green leaves. It produces small white flowers. It is an ideal plant for potted cultivation. It has a strong lemon...

The banana plantation

Farmers should ensure that they use disease-free planting material, such as tissue culture varieties. The organic farmer Bananas are an important horticultural crop that provides food and income for small Kenyan farmers. It is doing well...
Summer Savory sarriette été

 Summer Savory

 Satureja hortensis Description The summer savory grows to about 30 cm and produces a mound-shaped plant with thin textured stems that have a purple colour. The leaves are long and narrow and have a grey-green colour. Culture Summer...
Winter Savory sariette hiver

 Winter Savory

  Description The winter savory reaches a height of about 60 cm and its foliage is dark green and bright. Its shape and texture are much more rigid than those of the summer savory and its...
French Tarragon estragon français

 French Tarragon

Artemisia dracunculus var. sativa Description The French tarragon is a loose and open perennial that can reach 60 to 90 cm in height. The leaves are dark green, narrow and slightly twisted. The plant occasionally produces...

SRI Technical Manual

The Intensive Rice System or IRS is an agro-ecological and climate-smart method that allows farmers to produce more cereals using less seed and water, and fewer purchased inputs. Unlike other agricultural strategies, SRI does...
dill aneth


Anethum Graveolena Description Dill is a large herbaceous plant with fine, feathery foliage. The color of the foliage can go from dark green to blue-green. In the midst of the warm season,...

SRI, Intensive Rice Growing System (2)

This article is very technical and its reading can be complex. Do not be discouraged because the article contains the scientific explanation for Sri's success. How does the SRI work? The concept of synergy seems to...

SRI, Intensive Rice Growing System (1)

The Intensive Rice System (IRS) is a rice cultivation method that produces significantly higher yields with far fewer seedlings planted and fewer inputs than traditional methods (i.e. flooding) or more "modern" methods (using mineral...